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Types of Forklifts

Types of Forklifts

Because of their ease of use, forklifts are now very common in a large variety of workplaces. They are highly customizable allowing you to easily move a spool of carpet, lift a pallet 30 feet in the air, or maneuver down the narrowest of warehouse aisles. These guides below should help you find the right tool for the job.

Are 10,000 lb Forklifts Right for Indoor Use?
Diesel forklifts aren't typically a good option when working indoors. Learn how a 10,000 lb. electric forklift can solve all your issues with moving heavy loads indoors. Read More

A Complete Guide to Gas Forklift Purchasing
If your job calls for serious heavy lifting a gas forklift will most likely be the right machine for you. Learn more about uses, and the pros and cons of these forklifts. Read More

What Type of Forklift is Best for Your Project?
Purchasing a forklift is a big investment for a business. It's important to understand the right type of lift that will benefit your business. Learn about the features each model possess and how to start comparing prices. Read More

Benefits of a Narrow Aisle Forklift
Narrow aisle forklifts provide large cost and efficiency benefits. Find out more in this article. Read More

Who Makes the Best Walk-behind forklift?
Walkie stacker forklifts are highly unique from other models. This article reviews the top walkie brands. Read More

Pros and Cons of Buying a Propane Forklift
Be aware of both the pros and cons of owning a propane forklift prior to purchasing. Read More

Rough Terrain Forklift Purchasing Guide
Learn more about the capacity and uses of rough terrain forklifts and find out about the top manufacturers. Read More

What Type of Rider Forklift Do You Need?
There are several advantages and even a few disadvantages to rider forklifts. Find out more about these traditional material handlers. Read More

Advantages of Buying an Electric Forklift Truck
Electric forklifts make a lot of sense for indoor warehouses or job sites. Learn how this purchase can become a cost saving investment. Read More

Forklift Fuel Types
Learn about the serious considerations involved with selecting between the various forklift fuel types. Read More

Diesel Forklifts Are the Only Answer to Some Workplace Demands
Diesel forklifts deliver in some ways electric or gas-powered models cannot. Here are the benefits and most popular brands of diesel lifts. Read More