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Forklift Brands

When making a large business purchase it's important to understand the brands you'll be comparing. Here we've assembled a collection of user reviews, specifications, prices, and histories on the top forklift manufacturers.

Prices Paid on Forklifts by Caterpillar
If you're in the market for a forklift, you should consider Caterpillar as a manufacturer. Learn more about available models and how you can take advantage. Read More

Used and New Forklift Komatsu Prices
Komatsu forklifts are a great option for leasing or buying. Learn more about what others paid for new and used lifts. Read More

Crown Forklift Truck Review
One of the largest manufacturers in the world, Crown's emphasis on operate comfort and safety has made these lifts a favorite of many. Read More

Comparison of Nissan Forklifts
A helpful breakdown of all the available forklift choices, and prices, offered for Nissan forklifts. Read More

Hyster Forklift Buying Considerations
A Hyster forklift offers unmatched quality in industrial equipment. Here's why these lifts deserve a closer look. Read More