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Diesel Forklifts

Diesel Forklifts Are the Only Answer to Some Workplace Demands

Diesel forklift

A diesel engine is the industrial standard, built for strength, high lift capacity, and ability to work under the most demanding conditions without pause. Diesel forklifts are the industry powerhouses of lift and transport trucks. You'll find unparalleled lift potential when operating a Linde H 180 — a truck capable of moving 18 tons — while the internal combustion engine of smaller (and larger) Caterpillar trucks offers business owners numerous options. Here are the benefits of diesel-powered lifts:

  • Workplace Efficiency. Diesel trucks never need downtime when you are trying to push the crew. As long as you have adequate fuel supplies and fresh lift operators, you'll be able keep your business humming throughout the day and night. Ideal for industrial shops that don't quit when the sun goes down, diesel forklifts are comfortable for operators and unceasing in their use cycle.
  • The Ability to Brave the Elements. Another coveted aspect of a diesel lift is the truck's ability to power through snow, sleet, wind, rain, and other types of inclement weather. When bad weather breaks, your team will be forced to look for cover and grapple with adverse conditions. You can confront them head-on with a diesel truck. Compared with a warehouse- or indoors-only electric truck, the diesel lift is the one that stands up to every situation.
  • Pure Aggression. The element of power is the main draw of a diesel lift. Caterpillar has a truck that can lift 36 tons, while smaller versions by Linde and Nissan give you sturdy vehicles you can use in any condition. Smaller Linde lifts such as the H 20-25 EVO line can be powered by liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, or diesel fuel. Platinum II lifts by Nissan deliver greater fuel economy than lifts that run on liquefied petroleum or other gas sources. In diesel lifts, the overall power is buoyed by increased speed when accelerating and shifting.
  • Economy of Initial Investment. Business owners who opt for electric lifts have to fork over higher up-front investments. The battery charging stations are pricey, but the extra space they require in a warehouse or other location might be the biggest hindrance for a business. Diesel-powered forklifts run strictly on fuel, and thus do not require a pricey charging station. Your company can pick up a diesel lift for a lower initial investment and get started immediately on the next project.

Toyota and Komatsu also deliver quality versions of diesel lift trucks. If your business has limited startup capital but the orders keep coming, a diesel lift may be the powerful tool you need to forge ahead.