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Salt Lake City, UT

Obtaining forklifts Salt Lake City, UT

When it comes to selecting the proper forklifts Salt Lake City, UT has many resources available to make the task easy. All you have to do is know some basic information about what you are looking for in a forklift and the staff at any of the dealerships can help in matching you with the proper forklift. Be sure you have the basic information handy when calling or visiting a forklift dealership.

Let the person you are working with at the forklift dealer know if you are looking for an indoor or outdoor model. Next you will need to let them know the size and weight of the loads to be carried by the forklift. You will also want to let them know how high the loads will need to be lifted. These facts are coupled with information about how many hours you are going t use the forklift per day to find the one which is right for you.

Purchasing Used Forklifts

If you will be using a forklift 5 or more hours a day, purchasing a forklift could be the right invest to make. Used forklifts are an option anyone who may be thinking of buying a forklift should consider. Used and refurbished forklifts come in many models and sizes. All you need to do is go to a dealer who carries refurbished forklifts with its own service staff and you will be on your way to finding the right forklift for you.

Used for forklifts can be found for indoor use for things such as order picking and pallet lifting. They can also be found for outdoor use for small to heavy capacity load lifting. There are several models available offering a range of styles form ones which have ergonomically correct designs to those which are built to maneuver in smaller aisles and spaces. There use gas, diesel, propane, electric, and other alternative powered forklifts. Virtually any forklift can be found these days at dealers who specialize in refurbishing forklifts.

Forklift Rental

If you have a limited or short term project requiring the use of a forklift rental of one may be the best option. If you are considering buying a particular model, renting with a short term lease may also be a good option. Renting a forklift on a short term lease gives you a chance to test out the model in real life working conditions to see if stands up to the standards you need.

In the Salt Lake City area there are many forklift dealers which can help you in meeting your forklift needs. One such company is Arnold Machinery Company. They have several trained members on their staff that can assist you and they have a mobile service team to help with your needs even if you are looking to manage a forklift fleet. They are located at 2795 West 2100 South in Salt Lake City, UT. This dealer even offers customers machinery credit through their company directly.

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