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When looking for forklifts Portland, OR has several dealers to choose from. Finding the right forklift dealer to meet your needs can be answered with the same questions as to what requirements you have in a forklift. When you know what kind of forklift you need, you can find a dealer who specializes in the type you are looking for to meet your specific needs for a forklift.

Some of the most important factors to consider when looking for a forklift is if you need it for indoor or outdoor use and what type of work will you need to perform. There are very specific indoor forklifts which can maneuver small aisles and do things such as order picking and self loading. There are also others made for outdoor use which can do light to heavy duty lifting. Once you know this then a dealer can help you fine tune your search for additional features such as ergonomic designs and special tires for different surfaces.

Used Forklifts

Only those who are looking to use a forklift 5 hours or more a day should consider purchasing a forklift. The used refurbished forklifts on the market come in a variety of styles and can be very cost effective verses a new forklift. They come in a variety of style and powered by different sources. There are used forklifts powered by gasoline, propane, electricity, and other power sources.

Often the dealers who offer refurbished forklifts for sale have their own service areas and technicians. This means if you should ever have a problem you can take it back to the dealer who knows the product and how to go about doing any repairs it may need. These dealers usually have several parts available for a variety of forklifts on hand. This means having your forklift serviced by them, you won't have to wait for parts to be shipped to have your forklift up and operational again.

Forklift Rental

There are three main reasons to rent a forklift. The first is if your project which requires the use of a forklift is short term. The second is if you will be using the forklift for less than 5 hours a day. The other is if you are thinking about purchasing a model you are unfamiliar with. Obtaining the model you are looking to purchase thorough a short term lease gives you a chance to try it in an actual work environment and see if it is what you need before making a large financial investment.

In the Portland, OR area, there are many forklift dealers to meet your project needs. One of those companies is Forklift Services of Oregon. They offer new and used forklifts for both lease and purchase. This dealer has a seasoned staff which can assist you finding the right forklift for your needs and service is included for any of their leased forklifts. They are located at 7001 NE Columbia Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.

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