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Discovering the forklifts Cincinnati, OH has to offer

There are many different kinds of forklifts. You will need to consider exactly which one you want to buy before buying one for your company. Luckily the forklifts Cincinnati, OH companies have to offer give you a great variety. The smallest forklift is actually called a palette lift. This is nothing more than a handle, two prongs which fit under the palette, wheels and a lifting mechanism. The lift will only lift the palette of few inches off of the floor in order for you to move it from one place in the company to another. This model is only recommended for those moving small palettes on a smooth floor.

Those looking to move heavier objects which require more height off the floor, but still need a compact model can consider getting a walkie. These forklifts use an electric motor in order to lift and assist with moving your palette. You walk behind the forklift while guiding it to its destination. Those needing something with a little more lift power will need to look into getting a model you can ride on. These are available in standing or sitting models, depending on your needs.

A look at the engine

No matter whether you are buying new or used forklifts, you need to know what kind of engine you are looking to use. The most common models are electric. For larger projects, you may want to consider using a forklift which is gas powered. The different kinds of gas will include LP gas and Diesel. Before deciding on a gas powered model, consider the fumes it will create. If you are using it indoors, you may want to reconsider buying a model such as the diesel models.

The engine will give your forklift not only the power to pick up the palettes, it will give you the ability to move the palette from one location to another. Another consideration is in the cost to power the forklift. With the cost of energy on the rise, you may want to use an electric powered model just to save money.

Rental programs

Many companies like the idea of having a forklift, but simply cannot buy a brand new model. This is why many companies offer a rental program. You can enjoy a rental forklift for whatever reason you do not want to buy one. The rentals will allow you to either rent one for the day, rent it for an extended period of time, or rent to own it. Companies like KMH Systems will allow you all the options you need.

The beauty of renting a forklift is you do not have to worry about such things as maintenance. If you do not have to use the forklift very often, you will also not have to worry about where to keep the forklift. Simply rent the forklift for the day and then have it taken back to the store at the end of the day. You will be able to upgrade to a larger model should the need arise.

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