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Charlotte, NC

Highlighting the forklifts Charlotte, NC has to offer

If you work for a company which uses large palettes on a regular basis, you know the value of a good forklift. Buying the forklift which is right for your company will make all the difference in the world. Luckily the forklifts Charlotte, NC have to offer span from the smallest to the largest. One of the companies which stands out from the rest is Western Carolina forklifts. The company has most of the major brands as well as the different sizes you may be looking for.

If you are looking for a riding model, you need to consider the amount of space you have as well as the height at which you need to stack palettes. Some models will have a high lift, but it will mean you have to sacrifice a lot of floor space in order to elevate the palette to the level you need. Transversely, some companies will only need to move palettes around the building. If you only need to move palettes around, consider buying a hand operated palette mover. This elevates the palette just high enough to get it off the floor and let you move it.

Cushion verses pneumatic tires

The kind of tires your forklift ride on will make the difference in how much weight your forklift can carry. Cushion tires are similar in nature to the ones which are on your bicycle or car. They are hollow tires which are filled with air. This will make the tires more forgiving when going over a bump, but less forgiving when you overload the machine. You can very easily get a blowout if you have too much weight on the machine.

Pneumatic tires will be able to handle a much heavier load. This does not mean you can load down the forklift with as much as you want to. You will still need to observe the load limits. This is to keep the lift working properly. Loading down the lift will cause you to burn out the gears and lead you to a costly repair bill. The pneumatic tires have a very rigid shell which makes the tires virtually impenetrable. This makes them handy for environments with things like nails and glass on the ground often.

Saving some money on your next forklift

When looking to get a forklift in Charlotte, NC, consider buying a used model. Used forklifts are usually backed by a guarantee. This guarantee will assure you to get a quality forklift while being able to save some money. What is better is many of the companies which offer used forklifts also offer forklift repair service.

If you do not need a forklift very often, you should definitely consider forklift rentals. This will skip over having to buy a forklift which will set your company back thousands of dollars. The best part about renting a forklift is you do not have to worry about maintenance for the machine. The rental company is responsible for all maintenance to the machine.

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