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Getting to know the forklifts Jacksonville, FL companies have to offer

In order to choose a good forklift, you need to consider exactly what you are looking to do with it and the space you have to do it in. This will allow you to choose from all of the different forklifts Jacksonville, FL has to offer. The first thing you need to consider is what you are trying to move and how often. You will also need to consider if you are looking to move inside or outside. Consider what kind of floor you are moving over. Also consider how tall and how narrow your shelving aisles will be.

By having a good list of what you are looking for in a forklift to be able to accomplish, you will get a good idea of what kind of forklift to buy. You may find instead of the large riding forklift you thought you would be buying for $30,000, you will end up buying the hand palette mover for less than $400. This is not due to the amount of money saved, but strictly because of the specific needs you may have.

Learning about a walkie

There are many different terms used in buying forklifts you may not be familiar with. One of these is sure to be walkie. The walkie is very similar in nature to the hand palette mover in many respects. The major difference is the walkie used mechanical levers and controls in order to move around your palettes. When you use a hand palette mover, you will be using your own physical prowess in order to move the palettes.

One area where the walkie comes out clearly ahead of the hand palette mover is in the ability to stack items. You would not want to use a hand crank in order to lift a palette eight feet in the air. The walkies use the same drive system and mast in order to lift your palette to the shelf you want it on. There are several different models of walkies to suit the needs of your office and budget.

Keeping your budget in mind

In order to help you get the forklift you want at a price you can afford, most companies which sell the new models of forklifts will also sell the used models people have traded in for a new model. Buying used forklifts is a great way to buy the forklifts you need without having to break the bank. The good news is the used models have been inspected and refurbished in order to make sure they are selling a good quality product.

Another great way to save money is to consider renting a forklift on the short term, long term, and everything in between. The great part about renting equipment is it still belongs to the company which is renting out the machine. This will allow you to have a well maintained machine without any of the maintenance costs. The company will likely have a truck to get the tech out to your lift rather than the other way around.

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