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If you are looking for forklifts San Diego, CA has many sources one can obtain a new or used forklift. Prior to speaking with any forklift providers or dealers it would be wise to make a list of the work requirements you have for a forklift. This will help you and a dealer in locating the forklift which will best suit your needs.

When searching for a forklift you will want to keep in mind and on your checklist the weight of the loads you will need the forklift to lift. Knowing the height you will need to lift your loads, and if it will be used indoors or outdoors are other key pieces of information needed when selecting a forklift. You will also need to know the space you will have to maneuver the forklift and how long you will be using it per each day of your project. All of this information will be the key in matching you with the correct forklift.

Buying used forklifts

Prior to committing to buying a forklift you should first be sure to review the amount of time per day you will need to operate the forklift. Should you determine your projects will be requiring the use of a forklift more than 5 hours then making a forklift purchase may be the best option for you. If the forklift will be used for less than 5 hours per day then a rental may be the better option. After reviewing your time needed per day for the forklift is 5 hours or more contact a dealer and ask if the forklift can be brought to your work site for an hour or two to test it out. This will allow you to test the forklift in working conditions and see how it stands up to your work load. Many forklift dealers will offer this service to potential buyers as a courtesy.

Purchasing a used forklift can be very economical for anyone looking to buy a forklift. These days there are many forklift dealers who offer refurbished forklifts for purchase. Some dealers will back these products with a short term warranty which can be extended. Many dealers even offer services where they will deliver parts for the forklift should you ever be in need of one for your model.

Forklift Rental

In the case of short term projects you may want to consider renting a forklift instead of purchasing one for cost effectiveness. Another reason for renting a forklift is if you are considering buying a particular model. Getting to test a model out during a short-term lease can offer you more information than a dealer could ever give you about the forklift. This is a wise way to protect the investment one can make with a forklift.

One resource for forklifts in San Diego, CA area is San Diego Forklift. This dealer has several models of new and used forklifts to choose from. They have a mobile service unit which serves Southern California. They are located at 1227 Olive Street in Ramona, CA.

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