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Those looking for forklifts Phoenix, AZ has many to choose from. If you are in the market for a forklift there are a few simple pieces of information you should gather before you begin speaking with forklift dealers. To start with, determine if you need an indoor or outdoor forklift. After this you will need to identify what specific task the forklift will be doing and in what type of space.

There are indoor forklifts made to be moved easily in small spaces and in and out small aisles. There are several different varieties of indoor forklifts. Some of the tasks these different types can perform are order picking, pallet lifting, and self loading. The outdoor models are made to withstand rugged use when lifting heavy loads and transporting them. You will need to know the size and weight of the loads both indoor or outdoor forklifts will be lifting to further be able to match you with the correct forklift.

Used Forklifts

Refurbished forklifts are used forklifts which have been restored to like new condition. Many of the dealers who carry these forklifts do the refurbishments on-site with trained technicians. When going to these dealers you can have more peace of mind that they know the machines well and have the ability to service them should you have any issues in the future. These dealers are also known for carrying other large machinery and could be a great source in helping you meet any other machinery needs you may have.

The used forklifts are very economical. Most of the dealers who refurbish models have a wide variety of forklifts available. Typically the dealers who do refurbishing work are plugged into larger networks of forklift providers, both new and used. This is good for you because if they do not have what you are looking for they can usually find it for you quickly. This can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Forklift Rental

Some of the reasons people choose to rent a forklift as opposed to buying one range from the fact they only need one for a short period of time, they only plan on using a forklift less than 5 hours a day, or they are looking to buy a model they are unfamiliar with. In the case of those looking at particular model they want to know more about renting can be very useful. They can test the forklift in real working situation and get a real feel of how it works before they make the investment into owning one.

There are many used forklift dealers to choose from in the Phoenix, AZ area. One of those companies is Cactus Equipment. They offer expert advice to assist in getting you paired with the right equipment. This dealer buys, sells and even offers storage of forklifts and other large machinery. They also including service on the forklifts they rent out should they need it after you lease it out. They are located at 4202 East University Drive in Phoenix, AZ.

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